Receiving orde

Production Flowchart Step Description Records&Tables Department
Receiving orde ● Continuing order → negotiating for due date
● New orders
『Quotation』 Sales Department
materials incoming ● BOM material collation →material preparation
● Material requisition collation
● Stencil and PCB collation →Stencil preparation
『Product Liaison form』
『Work order record form』
『Stencil stock from』
Materials Section
Quality auditing
● New machine model →BOM fabrication
→Stencil fabrication
→program design
→customer’s demand
● old machine model  
『external file』
『Stencil order』
『Pilot product report』
『Process change request』
Materials Section
Production ● Printing
● Reflow
『Tin Paste control form』
『Production report』
『Reflow Profile』
Manufacturing Section
Final product testing
● PQC testing → quality product
→ defective product
→ repair
According to customer’s demand to perform ICT test
According to customer’s demand to perform AOI test
『Testing Report』
『Defective Product rework form』
『Maintenance form』
『PQC testing form』
Quality Control Section
Sampling inspection
Product testing →qualified products put in warehouse
unqualified products→PQC rework
Shipping product inspection→recording
『Sampling form』
『Product returning form』
『Shipping product inspection form』
Quality Control Section
Material Shipping
surplus material inventory→material return to warehouse& refunded
『Shipping form』
『Surplus inventory form』
Materials Section
Accounting invoice ● Shipping order compilation→ invoice 『invoice』
『 Receipt』
Administration epartment